A family-run business AGRIMAT has been manufacturing and marketing top-quality farm equipment in Europe and elsewhere for a quarter of a century now.

AGRIMAT specialises in stockfarmers’ equipment: manure spreaders, liquid manure tanks, water bowsers, dung spreading harrows, field aerators, tubular equipment for cattle barns …

The entity’s manufacturing activities are carried out at the Bièvre industrial estate, Belgium, close to all the major European transport routes. Covering 50,000 m2, the AGRIMAT company boasts 20,000 m2 of manufacturing, assembly and loading premises. The spare parts store can promptly supply any parts customers might need.

The qualified members of the AGRIMAT team of staff use their expert knowledge of the products to live up to customers’ expectations. Attentive to the needs of its customers, AGRIMAT is now adapting its range of wine-growing equipment and equipment for institutions. In order to cater for its customers’ needs, AGRIMAT manufactures and markets new 3-point mounted dumpsters, dumpsters with easy evacuation openings, log splitters particularly suitable for farming activities and forestry operations. The standard by which others are judged, AGRIMAT is a symbol of quality, resilience, reliability and ease of use.