Liquid manure tank

CHALLENGER – Bogie/Tridem

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  • Assembly (frame /tank) one-piece with low compact structure (tank on built-in load-bearing frame with original gradient of 4%)
  • Rear door standard, 800 dia, with inner double hinge, 6 hooks, provision for agricultural and industrial valve
  • 2 lateral valve outlets, 150 dia (right and left )
  • Mud guard acting as pipe supports
  • 2 or 3 anti-oscillatory panels, anti-implosion built-in (see table)
  • Drawbar spring-mounted, fixed ring, 2 fixing pins, 2 position adjustments, multi-compressor support at 2 sites, hydraulic hose support s, cardan shaft , parking brake
  • Mechanical brake + hydraulic
  • Hydraulic jack, CHB 120 to CHB 240

This assembly tank with built-in load-bearing frame, drawbar and vacuum shut-off is fully hot-dip galvanised after manufacture. PRE-EQUIPMENT FOR 

  • Pumping arm central left/right, 150 dia or 200 dia
  • Standardised power lifts N2/N3 (common to ramps and burying coulters)
  • Automatic air blender, 100 dia
  • Tank meter


  • Spring-mounted drawbar
  • Industrial valve, 150 dia, double-action hydraulic spool
  • Compressor
  • Cardan shaft
  • Compact dual-safety system (Challenger vacuum shut-off) with flow controller, pressure relief valve and air blender pre-equipment
  • Needle level indicator
  • Bogie and tyres: see characteristics table
  • Mechanical support leg (hydraulic on CHB 120 to CHB 240)
  • Manometer, 100 dia
  • Front hose supports
  • Exact type ground spray nozzle
  • 3 m flexible hose, 150 dia, with connections, 3 m galvanised bent rigid pipe, 150 dia
  • Mechanical and hydraulic brake
  • Bumper with standardised lighting built-in
  • Galvanised mud guard
  • Rear flashing light
  • Oil can with support